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     > 2020〜
     > 2016〜2019
     > 2008〜2015
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Yoshimori Kataoka

Vancouver, Canada birth.
Tokyo living.
Tama Art University, oil picture department graduated.
The main activities are solo exhibitions and participate in various art fair.

Activity history

My work theme is "philosophy" that we meet in daily life.
We meet many“Question”and“Awareness”.
I call them “Song of Life”.

At the beginning,I thought and expressed these questions and awareness as something personal .
Gradually ,I realized that people sympathize to my works ,wherever they come from , or whatever they believe .
And I thought that is a proof that human beings are all "same ".

Laugh,cry,envy,anger,dreaming,and thinking about somebody deeply ...
I 'm paying attention to those movements of a human heart, that will never change.

If we could have time to overlook our own existence ,and care about each other more humbly,
We could bring up a comfortable world for any creatures.
Now,I'm making my works with such a hope.

The media is crayon mainly. And I attach a short sentence which is concept of my work.

Yoshimori Kataoka